Since its opening in late 2020, Crown Sydney has swiftly risen to prominence as a prestigious and iconic landmark nestled within the heart of Sydney Harbour. Located in the vibrant Barangaroo district, Crown Sydney seamlessly integrates a luxurious hotel, exclusive residential apartments, distinctive dining and beverage venues, an indulgent spa, upscale retail outlets and a comprehensive array of both indoor and outdoor recreational amenities, offering a multifaceted experience for visitors and residents alike. Lighting is not just a functional aspect of Crown Sydney, it is an integral component that breathes life into this architectural masterpiece. It accentuates and elevates the building's materiality and form, creating an immersive experience for visitors. Architectural lighting elements, complemented by carefully selected decorative fixtures, are thoughtfully integrated throughout the hotel's interior, ingraining it with a sense of class and opulence. The interplay of light on the foliage, sculptures and water features instill the surroundings with a dynamic and ever evolving play of light throughout the day. Beyond its role as a symbol of luxury, Crown Sydney leads the way in sustainable design, setting a new benchmark for responsible urban development. Aligned with the Climate Positive Development Program and the ambitious Barangaroo zero waste strategy, Crown Sydney's architectural design surpasses contemporary energy performance standards. The lighting solutions, meticulously designed for energy efficiency and longevity, play a pivotal role in advancing the precinct's overall sustainability. One of the most captivating architectural features of Crown Sydney is the vast swirling podium spiral staircase that gracefully curves up to the fourth floor, creating a sense of spatial drama. The carefully chosen lighting solution plays a pivotal role in accentuating the staircase's form and volume. Furthermore, the staircase's geometry is meticulously calibrated to permit the filtration of light from above, forging a visual connection between the different levels. This lighting strategy, far from being solely functional, adds an extra layer of luxury to the staircase's design, enhancing the overall grandeur of Crown Sydney.

Having the opportunity to provide lighting solutions across all client facing areas offered us the unique opportunity to craft the entire client journey, orchestrating a seamless blend of harmony and contrast as visitors move from one space to another.

Matt Hicks, Founder Light Project