Monash University Woodside Building for Technology and Design



The Woodside Building for Technology and Design represents the latest thinking in tertiary education and world-leading energy efficient building design. The project required careful consideration of the lighting solution, ensuring a both efficient and high performing option to meet the strict sustainability guidelines of the project. Intra Lighting’s linear Gyon system was the perfect choice; selected for its flexibility, ease of installation, low glare, high quality free from light leaks. The versatile modular Gyon family was tailored to the task at hand with options for all areas - from general lighting to functional task lighting- ensuring the same aesthetic appearance was kept throughout the entire project. With multiple diffuser options, light outputs and Intra's innovative twist and lock system we were able to create continuous runs of light with seamless joints ranging up to 22 metres in length. Intra Lighting is a high performing partner offering a 7 year warranty, committed to using sustainability measures throughout the manufacturing process in addition to their focus on renewable energy and recyclability at the end of life. Making it the right choice to support the project brief!

In the context of a global climate crisis, the Woodside Building demonstrates an elegant and optimistic response, delivering a complex program for an environmentally sustainable future while simultaneously proposing a transformational vision of what tertiary education can be.

Rosemary Burne, VIC AIA Awards Jury Chair