Together we'll
lighten the load

Light Project have made our commitment to Net Zero Emissions by 2025.

Light Project acknowledge that we must keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C to avoid high risk of catastrophic consequences for people and our living environment. We understand that to achieve this, our companies, cities, nations and citizens must work together in alignment with the Global Carbon Law, which is the halving of global greenhouse gas emissions every decade until 2050, or faster.

With lighting our built environments accounting for almost 20% of global energy consumption and 6% of the resulting CO2 emissions worldwide, our focus is to continue our 1.5°C aligned solutions which have been part of Light Project’s ethos for many years. To achieve this, we focus on sustainable supply chain solutions for our clients through 100% recyclable products, reducing energy consumption and climate action supporting more sustainable cities and communities.

We are deliberate in our selection of partners and projects to ensure our intentions are constantly in alignment to deliver a smaller carbon footprint, making improvements each and every time-whilst also reducing costs. Whether it is through product evolution utilising recycled or more environmentally friendly material and less plastics, through to project installation of certified sustainable buildings, our actions speak for themselves and we will continue our goal of working together with our suppliers and clients to achieve Net Zero by 2025.

Disrupt the supply chain to achieve goals.

To achieve excellence, the status quo may require re-imagining. This is how we approach every situation and project brief to ensure that we have not left any stone unturned. We use our creative design thinking approach to push boundaries to achieve the best possible result for our clients and project partners. At all times, we are working on more sustainable outcomes, whilst focussing on bespoke solutions that continue to add value to our clients. We foster close relationships and an early project engagement methodology to guarantee the mitigation of risk through transparent and thorough communication. Offering direct procurement models, we can close the gap between client and suppliers, ensuring supply chain resilience and improved forecasting to achieve the project success while reducing cost, without compromising on quality.

Co-create with our partners in everything we do.

To create and build a resilient project team requires empathetic thinking combined with collaborative platforms and resources for knowledge sharing. From the outset, our clients are included in our process that promotes agility and efficiencies amongst our network of suppliers and partners. Disrupting the standard delivery model, we co-create with our delivery partners driving change to the supply chain to provide an improved logistics experience and ongoing service, ensuring certainty of delivery and supporting changing delivery schedules. Enabling us to offer value engineered project solutions and design alternatives tailored to achieve portfolio objectives, saving time and targeting project budgets.

Support our customers in every part of the project lifecycle.

Our goal is to provide certainty for our clients at every stage of the project life cycle and beyond completion. No matter what scale or complexity, we apply our end-to-end design approach to developing the best project solution using rigorous project management processes, predictive risk mitigation and transparent communication. To complement our global brand partners, Light Project selectively partner with Australian manufacturers who are aligned with our sustainability commitment and also supports local commercial enterprise. We support the future thinking organisations both locally and globally that are at the forefront of current trends and the development of the latest and most innovative technologies.

Create a lasting legacy and positive social impact.

Light Project was founded on new technology and advancements in lighting and luminaire design and this continues to underpin everything we do. We strive for design excellence, to create a lasting legacy and positive social impact in everything we do. Constantly pushing the boundaries to innovate beyond today, looking ahead for products with zero PVC content and 100% recyclability at end-of-life we push for a circular economy approach, carbon positive strategies as well as more sustainable logistics solutions. We are committed to aligning ourselves with clients and partners that support a shared vision of collaboration and continue to aspire for smarter, more sustainable solutions for our future generations.

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